Bsp. Dr. Earl Higgins

Bishop Higgins married his “Juliet” on the 17th July, 1976. Their children, Candace Semple (43), Tekia Hanover (34) and Hosea (27) are all members of the Church of God of Prophecy and active. In relation to our work in Guyana, the most significant decision by Bishop Earl and his young wife (both professional teachers), is making the promise to the Lord in 1982, to remain in Guyana to afford our churches leadership.

At that time, due to economic challenges, Guyanese migrated by the thousands. Undoubtedly, the hands of the Lord, over the years, were evident in the life of this family. Churches were planted and church buildings erected with the help of Mission Teams, God and assistance from the Caribbean, North America and the United Kingdom. Youth Camp Ministry was very aggressive, targeting Children and young people. Bishop Higgins’ greatest burden and challenge, utilizing the CORE VALUES of our movement, are to commence this year, the construction of the multipurpose building on our National Headquarters property in Georgetown, Guyana and to purchase land in Suriname this year for our multipurpose building. in the drive for self-support, Bishop Higgins served and still serves as Senior Pastor for our local church at Ann’s Grove.

He earned this year, the Masters in Religion at Gordon – Conwell Theological Seminary. He likes repeating his regular invitation: Come to Guyana and Suriname and help us!